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 Backpacker’s Checklist | Troop 970 – Tulsa, OK
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Backpacker’s Checklist

For a printable copy, click Backpacker’s Checklist

Pack Pack with padded hip strap Miscellaneous
(Optional) :
Pocket knife (small)
Pack cover (or large plastic bags) Flashlight (small)
Zip lock bags (assorted sizes for clothes) Extra batteries and bulb
Straps to hold gear on pack Compass
Sleeping Sleeping bag Whistle
Waterproof stuff sack for sleeping bag Towel (small)
Sleeping pad Comb
Sleeping clothes *Toothbrush and toothpaste
Stocking cap (weather) *Soap
Eating *Deep bowl, plate or Frisbee *Matches or lighter
*Cup *Medicines
*Spoon *Lip balm (sun block)
Water bottles (3 quarts min.) *Mole skin
Clothes Hiking boots (broken in) *Bandaids
Camp shoes (tennis shoes or sandals) *Sunscreen
Wool socks *Insect repellant (stick) Optional:
Liner socks Notepad
Underwear Pencil
Walking shorts Hiking stick
Long pants Cap
Short sleeve T-shirts Bandana
Long sleeve T-shirts Belt
Rain gear (jacket and pants) Sunglasses
Warm jacket (weather) Fishing gear
Long underwear (weather) Camera
Gloves (weather) *Film
Small binoculars
50 ft 1/8″ nylon cord
Toilet paper
*Small first-aid kit
* – these items go in bear bag with food at night