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 Eagle Scouts Copy | Troop 970 – Tulsa, OK
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Eagle Scouts Copy


Eagle Scout is the highest rank a young man can achieve in the Scouting program. It is recognized throughout the world as a symbol of hard work, citizenship, community service, and leadership. It is no surprise that among Presidents of the United States, members of Congress, astronauts, military leaders, and other prominent Americans – one will find many Eagle Scouts.
Less than 4% of all Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle.

TROOP 970 is proud of these Scouts who have achieved this milestone!

Eagle Scouts

95Sam LugibihlJun 2018John Authelet
94David B. HawnMay 2018John Authelet
93Cole BeatieAug 2017John Authelet
92Kevin OlerMay 2017Darrell Scott
91Mason J HearnApr 2017Darrell Scott
90Chase W. GeorgeApr 2017Darrell Scott
89Luke StevensonMar 2017Darrell Scott
88Reid T. LemonsMar 2017Darrell Scott
87Joshua AndersonMar 2017Darrell Scott
86Douglas E. TumiltyFeb 2017Darrell Scott
85Joshua DudleyJul 2016Darrell Scott
84Robert WalkerDec 2015Darrell Scott
83Andrew TurnerOct 2015Darrell Scott
82Lucas GeorgeSep 2015Darrell Scott
81Keith OlerSep 2014Darrell Scott
80Reed MullicanJan 2014Darrell Scott
79Sean M. AutheletOct 2013Darrell Scott
78Nicholas GeorgeSep 2013Darrell Scott
77Aaron LyonFeb 2013Darrell Scott
76Matthew HawnDec 2012Darrell Scott
75Ryan A. McElyeaNov 2012Darrell Scott
74Jacob L. TurnerOct 2012Darrell Scott
73Samuel K. LascoAug 2011Darrell Scott
72Quinn ReidMar 2011Darrell Scott
71Dylan B HepnerAug 2010Darrell Scott
70Alex LinJun 2010Darrell Scott
69Cooper ArgoFeb 2010Darrell Scott
68Christopher BlackshareJun 2009Darrell Scott
67Peter GriceApr 2009Darrell Scott
66Tyler FaulkApr 2009Darrell Scott
65Robert B ScottDec 2008Darrell Scott
64Kevin PauleyJun 2008Darrell Scott
63Kyle ClaytonJun 2007Darrell Scott
62Rusty ScottApr 2007Darrell Scott
61Will SchoenhalsMar 2007Darrell Scott
60Ethan PowellDec 2006Danny Forthman
59Landon HessDec 2006Danny Forthman
58Nick ForthmanDec 2006Danny Forthman
57Nick WoodDec 2006Danny Forthman
56Stephen McCollamAug 2006Danny Forthman
55John SchroederDec 2004Danny Forthman
54Bryan McCollamFeb 2004Danny Forthman
53Addison P RobertsNov 2002Danny Forthman
52Randy D McBroomNov 2002Danny Forthman
51Neal M DuggalAug 2002Danny Forthman
50Chris S WeisbergDec 2001Bob Von Rhee
49Paul M BoodyDec 2001Bob Von Rhee
48Aaron M AllbrittonOct 2001Bob Von Rhee
47Douglas T TiseJan 2001Bob Von Rhee
46Kevin R McCollamDec 2000Bob Von Rhee
45Eric A GriffinOct 2000Bob Von Rhee
44Ryan P Von RheeApr 2000Bob Von Rhee
43Brian C CrippsDec 1999George Cripps
42Jonathan F PollnowNov 1999George Cripps
41James A WollmershauserMay 1999George Cripps
40Timothy A ForthmanMay 1999George Cripps
39Timothy C DavenportMar 1999George Cripps
38Frank M WuApr 1999George Cripps
37Jason S MabryJan 1998George Cripps
36Adam J PetreikisJan 1998George Cripps
35Ryan G LemonsJul 1997Richard Wollmershauser
35Richard W NightingaleJan 1997Richard Wollmershauser
33Richard P WellsDec 1996Richard Wollmershauser
32Brian J ChoiApr 1996Richard Wollmershauser
31Adam R VilesNov 1995Richard Wollmershauser
30Jon R WollmershauserSep 1995Richard Wollmershauser
29Joseph R BurdickSep 1995Richard Wollmershauser
28Matthew E LangMar 1995Richard Wollmershauser
27Anthony J GiustozziApr 1994Richard Wollmershauser
26David L PeetOct 1993Sam Bennett
25Sean P JohnstonJul 1993Sam Bennett
24Taylor A MossJul 1993Sam Bennett
23Bryan J StaufferJun 1993Sam Bennett
22Matthew A ThompsonJun 1993Sam Bennett
21Sangki OakJun 1993Sam Bennett
20Joel W MartinApr 1993Sam Bennett
19Christopher A KingApr 1993Sam Bennett
18Rex E BennettMar 1993Sam Bennett
17Steven K DelozierDec 1992Sam Bennett
16G Britt WhitmanOct 1992Sam Bennett
15Chris L NolanFeb 1992Sam Bennett
14J W Westermoreland IVFeb 1992Sam Bennett
13Justin McKinneyFeb 1992Sam Bennett
12David G FergusonJul 1991Sam Bennett
11John R BarnesNov 1990Sam Bennett
10Chris L JohnstonNov 1990Sam Bennett
9Steve E MartinAug 1990Sam Bennett
8Stephen CalvertApr 1990Sam Bennett
7Joshua T CalvertApr 1990Sam Bennett
6Blair P PittmanMar 1990Sam Bennett
5W Michael KelleySep 1989Jerry Stokes
4David B ThomasMar 1988Jerry Stokes
3Stephen W SwayzeMay 1987Jerry Stokes
2Max T AndersonDec 1986Jerry Stokes
1Robert J BrakeyAug 1985Jerry Stokes
Congratulations, Troop 970 Eagle Scouts!